Eventual Goal


A photo of my plants! The clean tabletop is 100% staged.

Eventually I would like to make some sort of irrigation system for my plants. The poor, shriveled violet on the right is the one I had to leave for an entire month while visiting family. I want to make an app that I can connect to the irrigation system and use it so I can at least water my plants remotely, if not just schedule watering. It would be really neat if I could design the system in such a way where it could measure the moisture level of the soil, and depending on what the specific kind of plant requires, it could automatically water it as well. I would also like to include some sort of sun light at some point, seeing as the lighting in my current bedroom is absolutely terrible. The light is – in theory – much simpler than making the whole irrigation system, but is a much lower priority for me. Even though the lighting isn’t good, I can just leave the curtain open when I leave. I have no recourse for watering!

Making something like this could really help out my mom as well, as she gardens a lot. It may not be as much help with outdoor gardening (depending on how I construct the systems), but it could be helpful when she is starting seedlings indoors and even container gardening.


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