Assignment # 1: Complete

The small aquarium is complete! It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, largely due to overestimating how sturdy poster board would be. The interactivity is much more difficult than I had anticipated, due to how flexible the booster board is. If I could have more time to do this project, as well as a do-over, I would probably use balsa wood or a similar material for the construction of the box. I was also unable to get the left blue light to function, but as I type this I realize that I checked everything but the contact points with the copper, so I may be able to fix it yet. I also had a problem in that I had just enough copper tape to complete the project. If I had to re-wire anything, I would have been very much “up the creek without a paddle” as they say. I’ve learned that I really need to make detailed, precise plans at every step, rather than modifying the whole plan on the fly.

As for why I made this particular design, it is due to my long standing fascination with bioluminescent predators. I believe that the way it turned out is also an interesting statement on human understanding of life on our own planet. As you struggle with the lights on the surface of the “water”, you don’t see what lurks below. It isn’t until you desire to see what is down there and really press, you can see what lurks below (being an angler fish and a vampire squid).


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