Assignment 2: GIFS in Processing

OK, so I think I am going to give up on using animated gifs for the game graphics. It wasn’t a functional thing, more of an aesthetic thing, so I don’t have to do a major overhaul of my idea or anything like that. I’m just a little disappointed.


Proof that gifs aren’t that hard, from Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Processing has no built in way to display pre-animated gifs. I looked for libraries that I could use to display an animated gif as well, but sadly I could not find one to suit my purposes. I tried making a for loop to load and display each individual frame, but it didn’t work. I did find an example here, but I need a little bit more time for a refresher on processing before I can implement something like that.

But, like I said, it is only aesthetic. And maybe this was a good thing. It will take me a lot less time to do stationary graphics versus animated. And who knows, once I finish this off and have some more time, maybe I can look into adding those animated gifs.


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