Assignment 2: Complete!

Haha whoops! In my attempt to get everything ready for submission, I totally blanked on posting the completed thing on my blog.

So, here is a video of the game working and me playing through it:

I’m proud of the amount of work I managed to to in order to hand this in on time. I also really like the graphics I wound up making for the game. I used a program called Aseprite to make them. It is specifically designed to make pixel art and sprites for games. I am still figuring it out, though. The program also has it’s issues – you’ll notice that the LEDs are really lagging behind. They were supposed to provide real-time feedback on what the user was doing in the game.

But, it is complete. I am not 100% happy with how it turned out, because it doesn’t function as well as I would like it to. I think it’s an issue with the frequency of communication. I think it’s an issue where the arduino and processing are basically just sending each other a constant stream of data, and I need to make it so it only sends when the value changes, so it won’t send the same value from holding the buttons down. I’m theorizing that this solution I have thought of will fix it, and it seems like the serialEvent() function will help facilitate this.

I was also, as previously noted, unable to figure out how to do animated gifs in processing in a reasonable amount of time that didn’t involve loading each individual frame as I was already having issues with lag from at least one side of the code. This is what the game background was supposed to look like:factory-background

I am going to try to code my fix into it to improve the functionality over reading week – I didn’t have time to do that before handing it in as I was pretty sure it would require a major overhaul of my code and did not have the time to re-code everything.


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