Idea: Temperature Sensing Tea Cozy

I was just thinking about one thing I really love… tea! It truly wouldn’t be difficult to embed a temperature sensor of some sort on the inside of a tea cozy, even one of the ones that came with the arduino kits we have. The sensor part would just have to be in contact with the teapot. Could be good to like… let you know when your tea is cool enough to drink or notify you if it’s getting cold. A smaller version for a mug cozy would be good too! And you could set your own temperature ranges. The trick would be figuring out the exact relationship between the temperature of the pot and the liquid inside, especially taking into account different materials and material qualities for the pots and mugs. Perhaps a calibration setting where you put it on the hot liquid receptacle and set what temperatures you like, and the sensor can record the temperature of the mug/pot.


Gif from this excellent artist:



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