Assignment 3: Complete

Ok, been a rough week. Forgot to upload all of my completed stuff on my blog. Here goes!

The assignment is done, it doesn’t work as well as I wanted. You have to get pretty close to it to trigger it. It also basically refused to work with the 9V battery I have, which is annoying (that battery was like $8). So, first I got a single felt square to work.

Then I proceeded to make the rest of the felt swatches, then I sewed them together in a fashion where they wouldn’t fall off of the project.


I got it all to work eventually, in the video below. This was it plugged in to a 9V battery, which really didn’t work very well. It worked significantly better in class when plugged into a computer.

Below are the breadboard and schematic fritzing diagrams for the wiring.


Looking at the schematic…. it is very wrong. I am not entirely sure what the heck went wrong there. I will have to take a look at it and fix it when I have a chance.

Overall, I’m not 100% happy with this project. It didn’t look the way I wanted it to, and it didn’t work how I wanted it to. I was also correct in my concern that physics would not allow this project to work the way I wanted it to. If I have time to fix/play with this further, I may look into trying to put the motor on in such a way where it powers the wheels rather than a fan for the sail.


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