Final Project: Uuuuugh.

Ok, so Bluetooth is harder than anticipated. I don’t know why we thought it would be easy to just plug the Bluetooth module thingy into the appropriate places on the Arduino and BAM! It would work. That is not the case. Jackie and I spent about an hour just basically banging our heads into a wall (we were actually trying to get libraries for an older version of Arduino and were making absolutely zero progress, so may as well have just been braining ourselves on a wall) before we could go get help from Phil. Who told us that there is just some stupidly complicated thing we have to do that takes about 10 minutes. So we have no progress yet and we still don’t know 100% what we are going to do with the Wiimote once we can connect the damn thing. This is going to turn into a problematic project, I just know it.



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