Assignment # 1: Crits

Everyone had such interesting projects! I was impressed with the wide variety of concepts and execution methods, especially with a lot of us being beginners with circuits.

I got a lot of good feedback on my project, mostly where to take it from here. I really want to eventually try to expand on it, in scale, sturdiness and… aquarium contents? I know I at least really want to make some jellyfish with cellophane, LEDs, and likely some beading filament. It would be really cool to make a jellyfish swarm.


Assignment # 1: Complete

The small aquarium is complete! It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, largely due to overestimating how sturdy poster board would be. The interactivity is much more difficult than I had anticipated, due to how flexible the booster board is. If I could have more time to do this project, as well as a do-over, I would probably use balsa wood or a similar material for the construction of the box. I was also unable to get the left blue light to function, but as I type this I realize that I checked everything but the contact points with the copper, so I may be able to fix it yet. I also had a problem in that I had just enough copper tape to complete the project. If I had to re-wire anything, I would have been very much “up the creek without a paddle” as they say. I’ve learned that I really need to make detailed, precise plans at every step, rather than modifying the whole plan on the fly.

As for why I made this particular design, it is due to my long standing fascination with bioluminescent predators. I believe that the way it turned out is also an interesting statement on human understanding of life on our own planet. As you struggle with the lights on the surface of the “water”, you don’t see what lurks below. It isn’t until you desire to see what is down there and really press, you can see what lurks below (being an angler fish and a vampire squid).

Assignment #1: Small Problem

When I say small problem, I mean that quite literally! The completed origami pattern is far too small to hook up multiple lights to. I’m also not that happy with the outcome of the patterns, I believe they were a little bit beyond my skill level. I was able to complete the regular angler fish, I was unable to continue the blackdevil angler after step 37.


On the left is the completed angler fish, with a quarter for reference. On the right is as far as I was able to get on the blackdevil angler.

I am going to try to utilize the completed angler fish in the final product, though. I did find a pattern for a much simpler squid (, credit to “cozyandwarm” on YouTube), I think I will use that as well! I can make a small aquarium of predatory bioluminescent creatures.

Assignment #1: Planning


My plan for this assignment is to make a light-up angler fish! The theme we have to work with is “illumination” and I find the use of bioluminescence by predatory species intriguing. I have found some origami patterns, now I need to see if I can make a paper angler fish.

I found patterns for the angler fish and blackdevil angler in the book “Origami Sea Life” by John Montroll and Robert J. Lang.

Assignment # 1: Paper Circuits (pt 2)

Above are images of the completed (and functioning) circuits for Assignment #1. I had some problems with the simple parallel circuit as well as the logic “or” circuit, likely due to the copper tape not being one interrupted strip along the lines of the circuits. They do work, though! I also needed an extra battery for the series circuit, it would not work without one.

Assignment #1: Paper Circuits


Circuits completed during class today.

Paper circuits are surprisingly fun, and surprisingly easy to do. This is something I definitely want to look at incorporating in my sketchbooks and other projects in the future! These are the templates I finished in class. I still have to complete a couple of templates, and couple of circuits that I have to design myself. I also need to see if I can fix my parallel circuit. The third LED won’t work, and I believe it is due to a problem going around that last bend on the template. I just need to finish the other ones first to ensure I have enough copper tape. I wonder if I could incorporate origami with the final project? Definitely something to consider!