In Class Work: Home-made Button

We made a button in class today using wires, craft foam, tin foil and packing tape! This is pretty neat, I am looking forward to experimenting with other sensors and things I can jury-rig.


Soft Circuit: Exercise 2

This one was a switch! Turns out the paper clips we used were coated, hence the needle as the switch instead. I am so psyched to work with soft circuits! Sewing is so fun! (Or sew fun, haha.)

Arduino: Exercises 15 & 16

So, turns out these exercises need an LCD screen and specific buttons for a “Simon Says” game, neither of which came in the kits. So I guess these will wait until I know if these are necessary to complete and if so, when I am able to get the materials.

So I guess I’m done these exercises! Yay!