Circuit Bending(?) and Controller Repair Being Livestreamed!

Some internet funnypeople I really like, LoadingReadyRun, are currently streaming on Twitch (doing creative), one of them is about to take apart a keyboard of some sort (and possibly do some circuitbending, it was mentioned, but it’ll depend on how far he gets). He also just took apart and repaired a few controllers, if anyone wants to catch the VOD or replay later.

This is part of a stream series they have called “Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Fry”, they do it bi-weekly on Monday nights (at about 6pm PST).

(If you like Magic: The Gathering, I think you’ll enjoy a fair amount of their content as well.)

Edit: so the keyboard turned out to be mostly analog? But there were some really cool ideas for what to do with it. Also the knife sharpening got a little… weird.


I’m a total space case

Whoops, I completely forgot to post the final update with the final project for this class. I’ll do that as soon as I’m done with this last paper. So much happens at the same time at the end of the semester!


We’re Doomed

Everybody, pack it in. Robots are going to win, we have no defence now. This is it. Humanity is over. Its been… an experience.

Consolation: go listen to “You’ll Be Back” from the Hamilton soundtrack. It’ll make you smile, at least until our new robot overlords arrive. (Yeah, I may have been looking for a way to plug that song, it has nothing to do with this class but it makes me laugh).

Cordies are Very Useful


A couple of people expressed interest in the little gadget I had to organize my jumper wires¬†while working today. It is called a “Cordies”, and you can find them here. I’ve seen them sold in a few shops, but can’t recall where. They’re also very useful for organizing A/V and/or HDMI cables if you have more consoles than inputs on a TV! But I encourage people to check out Quirky’s other organizational wares, there are a lot of innovative odds and ends on there.

These Bandits¬†are really good for organizing cords and cables when hooking up electronics, and avoiding cord jungles behind furniture. I used these when hooking up my mom’s home entertainment system, and used bread tags to label everything, and was complimented by a professional electrician for a job well done!