Circuit Bending(?) and Controller Repair Being Livestreamed!

Some internet funnypeople I really like, LoadingReadyRun, are currently streaming on Twitch (doing creative), one of them is about to take apart a keyboard of some sort (and possibly do some circuitbending, it was mentioned, but it’ll depend on how far he gets). He also just took apart and repaired a few controllers, if anyone wants to catch the VOD or replay later.

This is part of a stream series they have called “Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Fry”, they do it bi-weekly on Monday nights (at about 6pm PST).

(If you like Magic: The Gathering, I think you’ll enjoy a fair amount of their content as well.)

Edit: so the keyboard turned out to be mostly analog? But there were some really cool ideas for what to do with it. Also the knife sharpening got a little… weird.


We’re Doomed

Everybody, pack it in. Robots are going to win, we have no defence now. This is it. Humanity is over. Its been… an experience.

Consolation: go listen to “You’ll Be Back” from the Hamilton soundtrack. It’ll make you smile, at least until our new robot overlords arrive. (Yeah, I may have been looking for a way to plug that song, it has nothing to do with this class but it makes me laugh).

Cordies are Very Useful


A couple of people expressed interest in the little gadget I had to organize my jumper wires¬†while working today. It is called a “Cordies”, and you can find them here. I’ve seen them sold in a few shops, but can’t recall where. They’re also very useful for organizing A/V and/or HDMI cables if you have more consoles than inputs on a TV! But I encourage people to check out Quirky’s other organizational wares, there are a lot of innovative odds and ends on there.

These Bandits¬†are really good for organizing cords and cables when hooking up electronics, and avoiding cord jungles behind furniture. I used these when hooking up my mom’s home entertainment system, and used bread tags to label everything, and was complimented by a professional electrician for a job well done!